French Girl PatternsĀ – Lovely designs made with lovely yarns – that’s what French Girl Knits is all about. This small Seattle-based company uses Rowan yarns exclusively to create stunning sweaters, wraps, capelets and more, all in leaflet form. Good news for all you crocheters out there – for once there are as many goodies to crochet as to knit!

Knitting Nature– Norah Gaughan has been creating wonderfully organic designs for years, but she’s saved the best for Knitting Nature. This truly breathtaking book takes inspiration from rhythms and patterns found in nature – the spiral of a conch shell, for example, or the proportions of a starfish are translated into truly gorgeous and very wearable knitwear. The photos are equally evocative, with the colours and textures of the knits harmonizing perfectly with their natural surroundings. Just beautiful.

Stitch ‘n Bitch Calendar– Does Debbie Stoller ever sleep? First she takes the knitting world by storm with Stitch ‘n Bitch, then follows up with her wonderful crochet book The Happy Hooker. Now she’s given us another gem: The Knitter’s Calendar – 365 Days of Stitches, Bitches (and Ingenious Fixes), Tips, Techniques, Plus a Yarn of the Week and Lots of New Patterns. An awesome collection of inspiration in page-a-day format, this 2007 calendar is sure to be a favorite gift at holiday time.