Why carry your creation around in a plastic bag or even worse one of those granny-style knitting bags? We have a collection of gorgeous and hip bags to tote your projects. 

Go Knit Pouches
These pouches are great for taking your projects on the go!  They come in three sizes, and have a loop to attach to you purse, or belt.  We like to wear them around the store and on the subway for portable knitting everywhere.  The bags are strong, have a drawstring top, and come in lots of great colours. 

Lexi Barnes Knitting Bags
Now this is a knitting bag!  Roomy enough to hold a project, pockets specifically designed to hold needles and accessories, easy to clean, so great-looking it begs to be displayed!  What more could you ask for? 

Lantern Moon Bags and Baskets
We carry an assortment of bags and baskets from Lantern Moon, including the popular Rice Baskets, which come in a bunch of sizes, and are great for holding your WIP’s (Works in Progress) at home.  We also carry the palm totes in different sizes and colours.  Also, check out our selection of Lantern Moon silk needle cases, they make a great gift for any knitter! 

WE have the gadgets to accompany any knitting project. Pick up a simple set of bamboo needles or treat yourself to handmade Lantern Moon ebony, or rosewood needles! We also carry buttons, shawl pins, row counters, tapestry needles, stitch holders, SOAK wool wash, purse handles and stitch markers just to name a few items.